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The ZULU-M868 Modem module is a highly integrated RF Modem and intelligent controller with a UART serial interface. It is designed to implement a basic bi-directional wireless serial data link with flow-control handshaking. It may also be setup for One to Many/Broadcast or Many to One operation.
ZULU-M868 Module. RF Transceiver based on Si1000 SoC with 25MHz 8051 microcontroller core, 64 KB Flash memory, 4352 Bytes RAM. EZRadioPRO wireless transceiver. RF Frequency: 868.4 MHz to 869.8 MHz ISM Band with 4 x selectable channels. Modulation: FSK. RF Power Output: up to +13 dBm. Range: 2000m (line of sight). Receiver Sensitivity: -116 dBm. OTA Data Rate: up to 56 kbps. Packet handler with CRC generation/checking. Programmable Unique System Identifier. Communication: serial UART with RTS/CTS handshaking . Over the Air (OTA) configuration supported. Power supply: +2.2 to +3.6 Vdc. Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C. Available in DIP format (RS 761-9878) or SMT format (RS 761-9872). Dimensions: 25 x 13 x 3 mm (DIP), 25 x 11 x 2 mm (SMT). Applications: Wired link replacement, local communication for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). ZULUEVAL-M Evaluation Board (RS 762-0125). ZULU-M868 module. UART-USB bridge. UART signals (Tx, Rx, RTS, CTS) buffered to RS-232 levels. Power supply regulator. LED power indicator. LED Rx/Tx activity indicators. External antenna connector (M4 screw). Jumper link to select USB or RS-232 Host link. Jumper links to select Host baud rate. DE9 RS-232 female connector. microSB connector. Programming header. Can be powered from USB (External power supply required for maximum RF Power/Range). Screw terminal connector for +9 to +12 Vdc power supply input. Works with any Host Terminal Emulation program
Module Type = Transceiver
Supported Frequency Bands = 868 MHz
Modulation Technique = FSK
Maximum RF Data Rate = 256kbit/s
Maximum Output Power = +20dBm
Receiver Sensitivity = -116dBm
Supply Voltage = 2.2 - 3.6V
Dimensions = 11 x 25 x 1mm
Height = 1mm
Length = 25mm

Product Category
Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters
Device Type
Performance Specifications
Operating Frequency
868 MHz
Data Rate
256 kbps
-116 dBm

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Output Power
RF Modulation
Power Source
Supply Voltage

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