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The LPRS eRA-ARDUINO-S900 shield allows Arduino processor boards to communicate wirelessly operating in the ISM 868MHz (UK and Europe) or 915MHz (US) frequency band. The easyRadio technology provides bi-directional half-duplex communication over a distance of up to 200m.
eRA Shield for Arduino. eRA900TRS transceiver module. Arduino shield format board with headers for processor board. LED Power indicator. LED Tx Busy indicator. LED Tx/Rx Activity indicators. Jumper links to select alternative Tx/Rx connections to Arduino processor board. SMA antenna connector. USB-UART bridge cable header for easyRadio configuration. eRA900TRS Transceiver Module. RF Carrier Frequency: 868/915MHz ISM Band. Programmable Channel Bandwidth: 12.5kHz to 150kHz. Up to 132 channels. RF Output Power: +7dBm @ 868MHz, 0dBm @ 915MHz. Modulation: FSK (ASK available in Raw Data Mode). Receiver Sensitivity: -107dBm @ 19.2Kbps, -112dBm @ 4.8Kbps, -117dBm @ 2.4Kbps . Host Data Rate: 2400bps to 115200bps. OTA Data Rate: 1200bps to 38400bps with Manchester encoding. Tx/Rx buffer: 180bytes. Digital RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication). Communication: serial UART with RTS/CTS flow control. Temporary channel/power level selection capability. On-board temperature sensor. Compatible with most 50Ω antennas. Power supply: +2.5V to +5.5Vdc. Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C. Dimensions: 38 x 14 x 4mm. Applications: Remote sensing/control, local communication for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Module Type = Transceiver
Supported Frequency Bands = 868 MHz, 915 MHz
Maximum RF Data Rate = 115.2kbit/s
Maximum Output Power = +7dBm
Receiver Sensitivity = -117dBm
Supply Voltage = 5V
Dimensions = 68 x 52 x 10mm
Height = 10mm
Length = 68mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +85°C

Product Category
Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters
Device Type
Performance Specifications
Operating Frequency
868 to 915 MHz
Data Rate
115 kbps
-117 dBm

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Output Power
Power Source
Supply Voltage
Operating Temperature

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