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Century Optics .8X Wide Angle Converter for 17x, 20x, 21x, 22X Internal Focus (IF) Broadcast Lenses
Have a 15x or 16x lens?
Then see #0WA-8XIF-00.
Century Optics' Family of Add-ons for Internal Focus Lenses
With the benefits of internal focus (IF) lenses comes an opportunity for videographers to enjoy a whole new array of lens innovations developed by Century Optics.
The IF Series both technically and aesthetically complements IF Broadcast, Pro and Pro Classic lenses. Unlike standard add-ons, Century IF accessories are truncated on the top and bottom - for reduced weight, more practical shading, and access to a wide range of filtering options.
Century's innovative slimline design makes our IF family add-ons substantially lighter than other add-ons. The IF Pro .8X Wide Converter is only 1 pound, 2 oz. - 30% less weight than the competition. Lighter means better balance for camera/lens combinations - a real benefit in hand held applications and less stress on the focus mount of your lens.
The Century .8X Wide Angle Converter enhances 17x, 20x, 21x and 22x internal focus (IF) Broadcast lenses with the appropriate ring.