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Zunow 1.75X Tele-Conversion for 82/72mm lens -- THV-175


Zunow 1.75X Tele-Conversion for 82/72mm lens
Comes with 82mm adapter ring, lightweight round hood and carrying case
Zunow's new THV-175 tele-converter is an excellent way to extend the reach of your zoom. It attaches quickly to the front of the lens, shifting focal length range in the telephoto direction. Unlike most external tele-extenders, the THV-175 tele-converter requires no exposure compensation.
Highest Optical Standard
The THV-175 has been constructed without sacrifice to quality. Manufactured in Japan, craftsmanship is meticulous in every detail. Materials are the finest grade available. The THV-175 is produced according to the strict regulations of the Japanese Industrial Standards ( J.I.S ). This guarantees the quality standard and published specifications.