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Century Optics .7X Wide Angle Converter for Canon XL-H1 & XL2 with 20X/16X Standard lens
Mounts to front of lens via bayonet in place of factory shade.
The Century .7x Wide Angle Adapter attaches quickly to the front of your XL 16:1 zoom lens, offering a 30 percent wider angle-of-view and full zoom through capabilities.
The .7x shifts the focal length range from 5.5'"88mm to 3.85-61.6mm with no appreciable light loss.
Canon's 3x zoom lens is compact and useful, but imagine switching those delicate electronic lenses quickly on a wet day at the beach. . .The Century .7x Wide Angle Adaper slips onto the front of your Canon 16x Manual Zoom with a one-handed twist. It will give you an effective focal length nearly as wide as Canon's 3x lens (within half a millemeter) and zooms six times as far.
For Canon XL-H1 with 20X zoom lens and Canon XL2 with 20X/16X Servo Lens AF. Mounts to front of lens via bayonet, in place of factory shade.