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Abakus Stadium Lens -- 381

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Abakus Stadium Lens -- 381-Image

Abakus Stadium Lens
For 2/3" Standard and High Definition Cameras
Capture expansive shots - like entire stadiums. Available in HD and SD versions
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Getting a shot that would capture an entire stadium for the 1998 Football World Cup prompted the design of this lens. With a diagonal view of 210 degrees, the Abakus Stadium Lens was a success. It subsequently won the SATISFACIT 2000 award in Paris for Lens Innovation.
Used at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games suspended above the main arena to show the culmination of set pieces during the opening ceremony.
Use this lens to capture any expansive shot, like the full range of a football pass or views of the whole pitch during soccer matches -- for which it's used extensively in England.
Available in 2/3 inch high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) formats; B4 mount.
The lens and its component parts are all made in England.