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The mikromedia HMI family from MikroElektronika are heavy-duty, high-brightness, industrial grade smart displays. Available in a range of different screen sizes, they are an ideal HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution. The display modules contain all the essential components you will need, with a simple USB interface, simplifying the process to get your project up and running. For each available screen size, you have the option of non-touchscreen, capacitive touch or resistive touch. Some capacitive displays come with an additional black/white bezel, and this information can be found below. Each mikromedia HMI display module features FT900Q MCU with additional circuitry on the back. Using MikroElektronikas range of software tools, you are able to download user interface designs, so you dont have to create all your screens/icons from scratch. There is also an FT812 or FT813 graphics controller IC on-board, designed for sophisticated HMI solutions. Mikromedia HMI modules come with 8MB Flash storage plus a slot for a MicroSD card. Haptic feedback is another feature of these modules (excluding the 3.5 Inch displays). This functionality means you can programme your display to provide feedback to the user’s touch, through vibration or motion.
3.5 Inch Displays. MIKROE-2275 (122-5386) â€" Non touchscreen. MIKROE-2277 (122-5387) â€" Capacitive Touch. MIKROE-2276 (122-5388) â€" Resistive Touch. 4.3 Inch Displays. MIKROE-2278 (122-5389) â€" Non touchscreen. MIKROE-2280 (122-5390) â€" Capacitive Touch. MIKROE-2279 (122-5391) â€" Resistive Touch. MIKROE-2281 (122-5392) â€" Capacitive Touch with black bezel. MIKROE-2282 (122-5393) â€" Capacitive Touch with white bezel. 5 Inch Displays. MIKROE-2283 (122-5394) â€" Non touchscreen. MIKROE-2285 (122-5395) â€" Capacitive Touch. MIKROE-2284 (122-5396) â€" Resistive Touch. MIKROE-2286 (122-5397) â€" Capacitive Touch with black bezel. MIKROE-2287 (122-5398) â€" Capacitive Touch with white bezel. 7 Inch Displays. MIKROE-2288 (122-5399) â€" Non touchscreen. MIKROE-2290 (122-5400) â€" Capacitive Touch. MIKROE-2289 (122-5401) â€" Resistive Touch. MIKROE-2291 (122-5402) â€" Capacitive Touch with black bezel. MIKROE-2292 (122-5403) â€" Capacitive Touch with white bezel.
Diagonal Display Size = 4.3in
Resolution = 480 x 272pixels
Touch Screen = Yes
Viewing Area Dimensions = 95.04 x 53.86mm
Touch Screen Type = Resistive
Supply Voltage = 5 V
Backlight Type = LED
Display Mode = Transmissive
Display Matrix Technology = TFT
Graphics Array Type = SVGA


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Video Displays
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LCD Display
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