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All PanelView Component models have RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 ports to communicate over serial networks to MicroLogix and SLC series controllers. The C600 and C1000 models offer an additional Ethernet port supporting Ethernet communication. The design software resides in the terminals which eliminates software installation on the PC.
Optimized for communication with MicroLogix or SLC500 controllers via DF1, DH-485. Ethernet enabled option supporting simplified MicroLogix or SLC500 connectivity. Integrated mounting clips for easy panel mounting. Upload and download groups of data or parameter settings with basic recipe capability. Design software is on the PanelView Component operator interface so theres no need to install software on the PC
Manufacturer Series = K2M
Display Type = LCD
Display Resolution = 122 x 32pixels
Display Colour = Monochrome
Keyboard Type = Keypad
Number of Function Keys = 10
Port Type = RS232, RS422, RS485, USB
Supply Voltage = 18 - 30 V dc
IP Rating = IP54, IP65
Length = 139mm


Product Category
Video Displays
Monitor Type
LCD Display
Screen Resolution
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Input Voltage
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