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Compact Evaporator

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Compact Evaporator Design Has Multiple Advantages

GEA Process Engineering Inc.'s multi-purpose compact evaporators have numerous advantages that make them excellent choices for dairy, beverage, specialty food, and industrial fluid applications.

  • Ideal for heat-sensitive products, up to 20,000 lbs/hr (~9,000kg/h) water removal and boiling temperatures as low as 115°F (46°C).
  • Flexible, simple-to-operate process with full automation allows handling of a variety of products.
  • Low maintenance costs, with stainless steel components and minimum moving parts.
  • Tubular design with few gaskets minimizes the possibility of vacuum leaks.
  • 3A approved in compliance with dairy processing requirements.
  • Complete incorporation of CIP provisions if necessary.
  • Modular design with low headroom and small footprint fits easily into existing buildings.
  • Fully skid-mounted, pre-assembled unit allows easy site installation without extensive foundation work.