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Large Format Ultra Low-Noise CMOS Image Sensor -- CIS 2521F

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Large Format Ultra Low-Noise CMOS Image Sensor -- CIS 2521F-Image

The Fairchild Imaging CIS2521F is a large format, ultra low-noise CMOS image sensor intended for scientific and industrial applications requiring high quality imaging under extremely low light conditions. The device features an array of 5 transistor (5T) pixels on a 6.5µm pitch with an active imaging area of 2560(H) x 2160(V) pixels. The sensor runs in rolling shutter and global shutter snapshot readout modes. The sensor has two ADC channels per column with one optimized for very low light levels and the other optimized for high light levels, allowing high dynamic range data collection in a single image. The sensor supports user-programmable row start/stop control for region of interest (ROI) readout mode. The sensor is housed in a 168-pin ceramic LCC package. The CIS2521F delivers extreme low-light sensitivity with a read noise less than 1.5 electrons RMS, Quantum Efficiency (QE) above 52% and very low dark current. These features, combined with 5.5 megapixel resolution and 100 fps imaging rates, makes the CIS2521F an imaging device ideally suited for a variety of high throughput, low light-level imaging applications.

  • 2560 (H) x 2160 (V) pixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • 6.5 x 6.5 μm2 pixel pitch
  • Maximum speed of 100 FPS
  • <1.5 e- RMS Readout Noise
  • Programmable ROI readout
  • <30 e-/pixel/sec dark current @ 20°C
  • >52% peak Quantum Efficiency (QE)
  • >86 dB intra-scene dynamic range
  • On-chip column parallel 11-bit A/D converters Dual gain 11-bit output channels per pixel


Product Category
CMOS Image Sensors
Image Sensor Type
Color; monochrome, black and white
Horizontal Pixels
Vertical Pixels
Pixel Size
6.5 µm (0.2559 mils)
Frame Rate
100 fps
Power Dissapation
Quantum Efficiency
Dynamic Range
Image Sensor Output
Package Type
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