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A depth micrometer with interchangeable depth rods supplied in a polypropylene case.
Base 100mm long x 16mm wide. 4.5mm diameter depth rods. 0 to150mm / 0 to 6in. range. Friction thimble
Maximum Measurement = 150mm
Accuracy = ±0.005 mm
Resolution = 0.001 mm
Imperial or Metric = Both
Metric-Imperial Conversion = Yes
Finish = Chrome
Battery Type = LR44
Power Source = Battery
Minimum Operating Temperature = 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +40°C

Product Category
Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Measurement Scale / Units
English; Metric
Gage / Instrument Type
Depth Gage
Gaging Technology

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Performance Specifications
Minimum Graduation / Resolution

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