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A set of six precision gauges for internal measurements of holes or slots, size range 8 to 152mm/ 5//16 to 6in. Each gauge consists of a rigid knurled steel handle with a knurled contact locking screw. The contact points are precision ground to a radius to give proper clearance for the smallest hole the gauge will enter. Constant spring tension gives a uniform contact pressure to ensure measurement. Final size is measured across the contact points with a suitable instrument e.g. vernier caliper or micrometer (see this section).
Type = Telescopic Bore Gauge
Material = Steel
Number of Pieces = 6
Largest Diameter = 152mm
Smallest Diameter = 8mm

Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Gage / Instrument Type
Bore Gage
Performance Specifications
0.3150 to 5.98 inch (8 to 152 mm)

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