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Length Measuring System -- Labmicrometer™,; LM900

Length Measuring System -- Labmicrometer&#153,; LM900 -- View Larger Image
Length Measuring System -- Labmicrometer&#153,; LM900-Image


Product Category
Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Mounting / Loading Options
Benchtop or Floor
Measurement Scale / Units
English; Metric
Gage / Instrument Type
Laser micrometer; Bore Gage; Caliper; Depth Gage (optional feature); Gage Block; Gage Block, Master, or Setting Gage; Gaging System or Station; Indicator / Comparator; Micrometer; Pin or Plug Gage; Snap Gage; Length
Gaging Technology
Electronic; Mechanical; Optical
Digital Display
Attribute Measurement Capability
Minimum Graduation / Resolution
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