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Mini Probe Bore Gauge -- DM

Mini Probe Bore Gauge -- DM -- View Larger Image
Mini Probe Bore Gauge -- DM-Image
  • Accuracy better than 1 µm
  • Measurement ranges 0.5 and 1 mm
  • Spring Actuation

The Digital Mini Probe is a very robust miniature flexure with all the attributes of the larger flexure gauging products. It's particularly useful in all aspects of bore gauging where high accuracy and durability are required. A range of custom fit contact tips are available to suit most gauging applications.


Product Category
Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Mounting / Loading Options
Machine Mounted
Measurement Scale / Units
Gage / Instrument Type
Bore Gage
Gaging Technology
Attribute Measurement Capability
Minimum Graduation / Resolution
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