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Lian Li Floppy Drive Cover (Silver) -- 66

Lian Li Floppy Drive Cover (Silver) -- 66 -- View Larger Image
Lian Li Floppy Drive Cover (Silver) -- 66-Image

The Lian Li Aluminum Black Floppy Drive Cover is designed to suit most of the FDD drivers on the market. The 3.5" cover is easy to install onto any Lian Li case. The Lian Li Floppy Cover will turn your standard beige or white drive into a perfect match with your case.
Note: This 3.5" drive cover fits only Lian Li Mid-Tower cases (PC-60, 61, 65, 65B, 6010, 6085A, 6085B, 6089, 6099)
Also available in black here.
Black and Silver Lian Li Floppy Cover