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PP-SH Series, Plugs -- PP-SH-100

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PP-SH Series, Plugs -- PP-SH-100-Image

E.P.D.M. Pull Plugs -

Pull Plugs are designed to plug plain and threaded holes; they will mask off the hole and allow finishing up to it.

How the product is used
The hole must be a through hole.
The narrow end of the plug is placed into the hole, and then the operator uses the narrower end to pull the larger end through the hole. As the plug is pulled the larger diameter stretches and becomes smaller, allowing the plug to fit through the hole. Once the large end is in position and the plug is released, it forms a tight seal on the hole.
The plug is removed by pulling on the smaller diameter.

Recommended for
Plating, Anodizing, Spray painting Temperature Range
Maximum temperature 350 ºF (177 ºC) Design Features

  • Two stage - The large and small diameters help with insertion and removal
  • Flexibility - The material is soft and conforming. This allows the plug to seal the hole
  • Parallel - The plug is parallel to form a tight consistent seal
  • Handle - The handle can help an operator see the mask on the component and therefore speed up removal of masks
  • Reusable - The plugs are reusable depending on the application
  • Identification - The Shercon name is on the plug

Storage conditions
Items should be stored in dry conditions at an ambient temperature of between 55 ºF (13 ºC) and 85 ºF (30 ºC). It is important to rotate stock and use the product in the order that it is received.