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These kits have been specially brought together for the design stage. Each kit has a selection of sensitivity levels from the required series allowing you to test which is best for your application. This eliminates the need to purchase packs of each sensitivity helping to reduce waste and cost. They are hermetically sealed in a gas-filled glass envelope. Actuation is done with an electro-magnet, a permanent magnet or a combination of both. If you prefer, they can be placed alongside a coil and actuated when a current is applied to the coil. They feature single pole, single throw, normally open contacts and have two magnetically actuated reeds.
Contact Configuration = SPDT-NO
Contact Resistance = 2 (Loaded)Ohms
Contact Material = Ruthenium on Gold
AT Value Range = 10-15 / 20-25 / 30-35AT
Width = 2.54 (Dia.)mm
Length = 14.3mm
Dimensions = 2.54 (Dia.) x 14.3mm


Product Category
Reed Switches
Pole and Throw Specifications
Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT)
Maximum Initial Contact Resistance
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