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These miniature, inline reed relays can switch 200 V dc at 10 W. They are manufactured in a SIL package and include Form A (SPST normally open) contacts. Three voltages and diode suppressed coil options are available. They are hermetically sealed and are not effected by and do not affect their external environment. Item 905-8834 has a standard 5 V coil. Item 905-8837 has a 5 V diode suppressed coil. Item 905-8831 has a 12 V diode suppressed coil. Item 905-8840 has a 24 V diode suppressed coil.
Contact Resistance = 150mOhms
Width = 5.65mm
Length = 19.7mm
Depth = 7.87mm
Dimensions = 19.7 x 5.65 x 7.87mm


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Reed Switches
Maximum Initial Contact Resistance
0.1500 ohms
0.2224 inch (5.65 mm)
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