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The Schneider XCS-DM coded magnetic safety switches are designed for monitoring the doors, covers and guards of industrial machines with imprecise guiding and low inertia. These safety switches are ideally suited for machines subjected to frequent washing or liquid spray. They protect the operator by immediately stopping any dangerous movement as soon as the distance between the switch and its magnet is greater than 8mm (5mm for XCS-DMC). The Schneider XPS-DM safety modules are specifically designed for monitoring the coded magnetic safety switches. When the XCS-DM safety switch is used in conjunction with the XPS-DM safety relay they offer a certified safety solution for guard monitoring.
Length = 88mm
Dimensions = 88 x 25 x 13 mm
Depth = 13mm
Width = 25mm

Product Category
Reed Switches
0.9843 inch (25 mm)

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