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These dry-reed switches have been hermetically sealed in a gas-filled glass envelope. Actuation is done with an electro-magnet, a permanent magnet or a combination of both. If you prefer, they can be placed alongside a coil and actuated when a current is applied to the coil. They feature single pole, single throw, normally open contacts and have two magnetically actuated reeds. There is a wide selection to choose from. You can select different lengths and each length has various sensitivity options.
Hermetically sealed. Form A (SPNO) or form C (SPCO) ruthenium or rhodium plated contacts. Mechanical Life 10^8 Operations. For suitable magnets, see stk. no 362-2401 typically
Contact Configuration = SP-NO
Maximum Switching Current = 0.5A
Maximum Switching Power = 10VA
Maximum Switching Voltage = 200V dc
Contact Resistance = 120mOhms
Contact Material = Rhodium
Mounting Type = PCB


Product Category
Reed Switches
Normally Open (NO)
Current Rating
Power Rating
Maximum Initial Contact Resistance
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