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Stray-field protected means that only the magnet belonging to this opening detector has the right field strength to keep the electric circuit closed. Any change to the field strength (e.g. by another magnet) breaks the circuit and an alarm is triggered.
External Field Protection. Water and dustproof (IP68). Heavy duty NC door contact. Highly robust aluminium design, shatter proof. Flexible mounting with large switching distance. LIYY 4x0.14mm² cable. Reed contact dimensions: 13x230x45mm. Magnet dimensions: 35x40x100mm
Switch Shape = Rectangular
Normal State Configuration = NC
Terminal Type = Cable
Maximum Current = 300 mA
Maximum DC Voltage = 24V
Total Length = 2000mm
Length = 230mm
Depth = 45mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -25°C
Dimensions = 230 x 13 x 45 mm

Product Category
Reed Switches
Normally Closed (NC)

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