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This range of cylindrical magnetic proximity reed switches from Assemtech are designed to provide a simple and cost effective solution to position or limit sensing applications. Reed switches are often employed to carry out such functions as linear actuator switches, security system switches and door switches.
N/O contacts. Matching operating magnet available
Switch Shape = Cylindrical
Normal State Configuration = NO
Maximum Current = 500 mA
Maximum AC Voltage = 140V
Maximum DC Voltage = 230V
Contact Resistance = 115mOhms
Total Length = 108mm
Length = 18mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +85°C
Minimum Operating Temperature = -20°C

Product Category
Reed Switches
Normally Open (NO)
Electrical Specifications
Current Rating
0.5000 amps
AC Voltage Rating
140 volts
DC Voltage Rating
230 volts

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Operating Temp
Maximum Initial Contact Resistance
Total Length

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