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These subminiature, axial lead reed switches can switch 200 V dc at 10 W. These switches have a low electrical footprint and require zero operating power to close the contacts. They are hermetically sealed and with magnetically operated contacts they are highly resilient to contamination. Even operating in conditions long after optical and other technology reed switches would have failed. The glass envelope measures 12.7 x 1.8 mm and house Form A (SPST normally open) contacts. Item 905-8929 has an AT 10-15 sensitivity rating. Item 905-8922 has an AT 10-25 sensitivity rating. Item 905-8926 has an AT 15-20 sensitivity rating.
Contact Resistance = 100mOhms
AT Value Range = 10-15AT
Width = 1.8mm
Length = 12.7mm
Dimensions = 1.8 (Dia.) x 12.7mm


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Reed Switches
Maximum Initial Contact Resistance
0.1000 ohms
0.0709 inch (1.8 mm)
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