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The Harmony XVSV editable voice alarms are compact audible signalling units that offer a high level of alerting with customized voice messaging. These electronic alarms are available in dark grey or white and are ideal for use in public areas and for factory applications. The XVS voice alarm has a wide range of configuration allowing the selection of 6 voice channels and playing 63 messages with a playback time of 256 sec (64 kb/s).
Free of charge Playlist Builder software for customising the audible signals. Improved efficiency thanks to easy voice message editing and mode selection on site. Adjustable volume up to 97dB (for DIN 96) or 89dB (for DIN 72). High level of alerting with customized voice message. Wide range of configuration with 6 input channels and up to 63 output tones. Easy installation with panel and wall mounting. Body thickness reduced to 24.9mm (DIN 72) and 50.1mm (DIN96). IP65 degree of protection (for panel mounting). CE certified and RoHS compliant
For Use With = DIN96 Electronic Alarm

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