KANOMAX USA, INC. Datasheets for Mechanical Pressure Gauges

Analog pressure gauges are mechanical devices that include bellows, Bourdon tubes, capsule elements and diaphragm element gauges.
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Product Name Notes
Pressure-Fluid Manometer -- Type 4
Pressure-Fluid Manometer -- Type 5
Comes with aneroid barometer, 7 limb positions, calibration certificate
Inclined Filter Loss Manometer -- FL1.5
Vertical Filter Loss Manometer -- FL4
Low cost 'at a glance' filter condition check, calibrated for life
Super Slim Manometer -- AFL400 Low cost 'at a glance' filter condition check, virtually unbreakable
Inclined Manometer -- 504/125
Inclined Manometer -- 504/500
Industrial Vertical Tube Manometer -- SJ12
Industrial Vertical Tube Manometer -- SJ24
Industrial Vertical Tube Manometer -- SJ39
Industrial Vertical Tube Manometer -- SJ8
Simple fluid zeroing device, design based on fundamental laws of physics