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Avago Technologies’ HFBR-x3xx series of fibre optic transmitters and receivers provide a 1300nm fibre optic link for a wide range of data communication applications. These fibre optic devices can be auto-inserted or wave soldering can be used. Both the transmitter and receiver within the HFBR-x3xx series are compatible with 50/125 μm and 62.5/125 μm diameter optical fibre sizes, allowing for flexibility within the decision making process. Potential applications include desktop links for high speed LANs, distance extension links and telecom switch systems. Avago Technologies HFBR-1312TZ Transmitter offers a fibre optic link and contains a 1300nm InGaAsP light emitting diode. The fibre optic transmitter is for use in data communications such as high-speed LANs, telecoms and also distance extension applications. The transmitter is pin compatible with the 0400Z series from 820nm to a greater distance.
Signal rates over 155MBd . Wavelength: 1300nm . Dual-in-line package panel-mountable ST and SC connector receptacles . Specified with 62.5/125 μm and 50/125 μm fiber . Compatible with HFBR-x4xxZ Series . Receiver also specified for SM cable spec (9/125 μm). Link distance 2 km at 125 MBd and 5 km at 32 MBd. RoHS-compliant . Wave-solderable. Compatible with 820 nm Miniature Link Series . HFBR-1312TZ: TAXlchip compatible
Maximum Data Rate = 155MBd
Connector Shape = Round
Typical Rise Time = 1.8ns
Typical Fall Time = 2.2ns
Peak Wavelength = 1300nm
Mounting Type = Panel Mount
Number of Pins = 8
Dimensions = 29.8 x 12.6 x 10.2mm
Connector Type = ST
Height = 10.2mm


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