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The HFBR-x5xxZ family, from Avago Technologies, form a part of the Versatile Link series. They are fibre optic link components including transmitters, receivers, connectors and cables. The HFBR-x5xxZ series are suitable solutions for problems with voltage isolation and insulation, EMI/RFI immunity or data security. This family of devices consists of a variety of package configurations and connectors, providing a range of mechanical design solutions for the necessary application requirements. The HFBR-x5xxZ transmitters use a 660nm LED for easy visibility. The receivers include a monolithic DC coupled, digital IC receiver with open collector Schottky output transistor. The HFBR-x5xxZ series are ideal for a wide variety of applications including, motor controller triggering, data communications, local area networks and noise immune communication in audio and video equipment.
Features of the HFBR-x5xxZ series:. - Fibre optic components. - Enhanced digital links: dc-5 MBd. - Extended distance links: up to 120m at 40kBd. - Low current link: 6mA peak supply current. - Horizontal and vertical mounting. - Interlocking feature. - High noise immunity. - Easy connecting: simplex, duplex and latching connectors. - Flame retardant. - Compatible with standard TTL circuitry
Maximum Data Rate = 5MBd
Connector Shape = Round
Typical Rise Time = 80ns
Typical Fall Time = 40ns
Peak Wavelength = 660nm
Mounting Type = Through Hole
Number of Pins = 6
Dimensions = 18.3 x 12.2 x 18.8mm
Height = 18.8mm
Length = 18.3mm


Broadcom Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Fiber Optic Transmitters
Data Rate
0.0050 Gbps
Rise Time
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