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The OPF series of fibre optic transmitters, from Optek Technology, are designed for data communications links. They are in ST style package offering high speed and efficient coupled power. It utilises an 850 nm IR LED and offers a variety of power ranges available. The OPF fibre optic transmitters are ideal for applications such as industrial Ethernet equipment, copper-to-fibre media conversion, intra-system fibre optic links and video surveillance systems.
Connector Shape = Square
Typical Rise Time = 10ns
Typical Fall Time = 10ns
Peak Wavelength = 870nm
Mounting Type = Panel Mount
Number of Pins = 3
Dimensions = 12.7 x 10.41 x 20.32mm
Connector Type = ST
Height = 20.32mm
Length = 12.7mm


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Fiber Optic Transmitters
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