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The HFBR-x4xxTZ series, from Avago Technologies, are miniature link components with the threaded ST port option. They come with 5.1mm (0.2 inch) of 3/8-32 UNEF-2A threads on the port. Components with the threaded ST port have the same high electrical, optical and mechnical performance as that of the base components. The HFBR-x4xxTZ devices are suitable for panel mounting to chassis walls with a maximum thickness of 2.8mm (0.11 inch) when using nuts and washers from the kit.
Features of the HFBR-x4xxTZ series:. - Threading enables ST styled port components to be panel mounted. - Compatible with current ST multimode connectors
Maximum Data Rate = 160MBd
Connector Shape = Round
Typical Rise Time = 6.5ns
Typical Fall Time = 6.5ns
Peak Wavelength = 865nm
Mounting Type = Through Hole
Number of Pins = 8
Dimensions = 27.2 x 12.7 x 10.2mm
Connector Type = ST
Height = 10.2mm
Delivery on production packaging - Tube. This product is non-returnable.


Broadcom Inc.
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Fiber Optic Transmitters
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