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The AFBR-16xxZ transmitter, from Avago Technologies, makes use of a 650nm light emitting diode (LED) source with integrated optics and driver IC for efficient joining with a 1mm polymer optical fibre (POF). The AFBR-16xxZ input is also compatible with TTL logic families. The 3-pin transmitter is packaged in the Versatile Link housing which allows them to be interlocked (N-plexed together) to optimize space and to provide dual connections with the duplex connectors. .
The AFBR-16xxZ transmitter and AFBR-26x4Z/25x9Z receivers operate any signal from DC to:. 50MBd at up to 50m with 1mm POF, . 10MBd at up to 200m . 50MBd at up to 120m with 200μm Plastic-Clad Silica (PCS)
Maximum Data Rate = 50MBd
Connector Shape = Square
Typical Rise Time = 5ns
Typical Fall Time = 5ns
Peak Wavelength = 685nm
Mounting Type = Through Hole
Number of Pins = 4
Dimensions = 18.29 x 12.19 x 18.8mm
Connector Type = Fiber Optic
Height = 18.8mm
Delivery on production packaging - Tube. This product is non-returnable.


Broadcom Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Fiber Optic Transmitters
Data Rate
0.0500 Gbps
Rise Time
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