Pushbutton Switches from BACO Controls, Inc.

Illuminated Push-Buttons -- L22AP20

Illuminated Push-Buttons -- L22AP20 -- View Larger Image
Illuminated Push-Buttons -- L22AP20-Image
22mm and 30mm sizes
Excellent modularity for a large choice of combinations with a minimum number of items
Customized products to meet the most specific needs

Product Category
Pushbutton Switches
Actuator Specifications
Flush Pushbutton
Normally Open (NO) (optional feature); Normally Closed (NC) (optional feature)
Switching Mechanism
Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST)
Terminal Type
Quick Connect/Blade (optional feature); Straight PC Pins (optional feature)

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Construction Materials
Base Material
Pushbutton Material
Operating Temp

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