Ionizers and Static Eliminators from Terra Universal, Inc.

Ionizing Bar -- 2005-3

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Ionizing Bar -- 2005-3-Image

Provides safe, effective static neutralization inside a hood or similar enclosure. Designed for overhead chamber mounting, it generates a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to neutralize surface static charges, safeguarding ESD-sensitive materials. The replaceable, machined titanium emitter points are long-lasting and field-replaceable. Power: 120/240VAC (specify desired 24VAC output transformer).


Product Category
Ionizers and Static Eliminators
Ionizer type
Ionizer Bar
11 to 44 inch (279 to 1118 mm)
1.2 inch (30.48 mm)
2.1 inch (53.34 mm)
Emitter specs number
2 to 8
Input Voltage
AC Input Frequency
Emitter material