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J1/J2 Monolithic VME64 Backplane -- LR

J1/J2 Monolithic VME64 Backplane -- LR -- View Larger Image
J1/J2 Monolithic VME64 Backplane -- LR-Image
  • Optimized performance for cost-effective six layer design
  • 100% Level 3 electrical testing
  • CG Mupac's proprietary patented trace routing for normalized decoupling of adjacent signal, data, and control lines reduces crosstalk while maintaining the controlled transmission line impedance and short propagation delay required by VME64
  • Common power planes for +5V and GND across J1 and J2 eliminate ground loops
  • Matched impedance of J1 and J2
  • 100% press-ft construction for reliability
  • All signal pins accessible from both sides of the backplane
  • Bus bar kits available

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VME, VPX, and VXI Products
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