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Dual Axis Inclinometer Sensor Package -- SB2i

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Dual Axis Inclinometer Sensor Package -- SB2i-Image

The SB2i sensor box is packaged in a solid and compact pressure-cast aluminum housing with two integrated sensors for dual axis inclination or acceleration measurements.

Within the box are 2 amplifier sections, each with 4…20mA output signal, which allows for two separate 2-wire systems; and a separate highly stable power supply for the sensor. The amplifiers contain a low-pass filter for upper frequency limitation, with noise suppression filtering and a diode bridge for the unipolar current-loop operation. Both sensor and amplifier are galvanically isolated from the housing - further reducing susceptibility to outside noise. Specific response time constants and maximum current output limitations are additional options.

For a higher degree of accuracy and a considerably reduced temperature drift over the entire operating temperature range, the SB2i box is optimized with special temperature compensation. Add a strong metal PG cable fixing combined with the 2-wire current-loop output the SB2i provides a high-quality system for use under many types of harsh working conditions.


  • Rugged pressure die-cast Aluminium housing with saltwater resistant coating
  • IP65 to IP67 Environmental Protection
  • 2 integrated signal conditioners with 4-20mA, 2-wire outputs
  • Temperature drift compensation
  • No extra power required
  • Angle measuring range can be scaled to customer requirements
  • Compatible with B, BD, N, and NB types
  • Sensor and amplifier are galvanically separated from the housing
  • Extensive EMC protection
  • Highly stable sensor supply voltage
  • Programmable dynamic response
  • Current-loop with maximum current limitation
  • High overload resistance
  • Reverse polarity protected - possibility of 3-wire connection for both measuring loops
  • Low-pass signal filter with optional setting of maximum frequency for suppression of interference frequencies

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