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Accurate, Rugged, ALL-weather 360 Degree inclinometer -- H4360

Accurate, Rugged, ALL-weather 360 Degree inclinometer -- H4360 -- View Larger Image
Accurate, Rugged, ALL-weather 360 Degree inclinometer -- H4360-Image


The highly accurate H4360 inclinometer provides 360 degree total measurement along a single axis in a rugged environmentally protected metal housing. The sensing package incorporates a MEMs sensing element and integrated temperature compensation over the industrial operating range of –40° to +85°C.

This sensor is available with analog current 4...20mA and digital RS485 outputs. These outputs are linear with respect to the input angle directly. Depending on the required angle range, the H4360 measuring range can be scaled (i.e. ±30º, ±45º, ±90º, ±180º).


  • Single Axis Angle Measurement
  • Measuring Range: ±180 (360º Full Scale)
  • Fully Temperature Compensated
  • Analog Current 4...20mA Output
  • Serial RS485 Output
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67
  • Rugged die-cast Zinc housing
  • EMC protected
  • Over voltage/overcurrent protection
  • Mechanical Zero adjustment
  • Common footprint for easy field install


  • Platform Leveling
  • Solar Panel Array Alignment
  • Antenna Positioning
  • Boom Angle Indicating
  • Process Machinery

Product Category
Tilt Sensors
Tilt Sensor
Form Factor
Sensor / Transducer
Tilt Range
-180 to 180 degrees
Number of Axes

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