Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Isolation Amplifiers

Isolation amplifiers electrically isolate input and output signals, often by inductive couplings. Isolation amplifiers, or iso-amps as they are sometimes called, may be used to protect components from potentially dangerous voltages or to amplify low-level analog signals in applications with multiple channels.
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Product Name Notes
IC, Miniature Isolation Amplifier, 5 KHz Bandwidth, ± 0.5% (Typ.) Gain Error ± 0.025% (Max.) nonlinearity high accuracy Isolated power outputs Uncommitted input amplifier It is a general purpose, two-port,...
Isolation Amplifier, 15 kV/uS, 100 kHz BW, PDIP8, RoHS
Miniature Isolation Amplifier, Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 °C, 2 kHz Bandwidth Small Size: 4 channels⁄inch High CMR: 130 dB (Gain == 100 V⁄V) Isolated power outputs Uncommitted input...
Precision, Wide Bandwidth 3-Port Isolation Amplifier, -25 to +85°C, Plastic Dual Inline Package High CmV isolation: 2500 V rms continuous ±3500 VpPeak continuous Small cive: 1.00in. x 2.10in. x 0.350in.