Rochester Electronics Datasheets for I/O Modules and Instruments

Data acquisition I/O devices have both input and output functionality. Digital or discrete I/O modules include on-off signals used in communication, user interface, or control.
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Product Name Notes
AD7569 - Lc2Mos Complete, 8-Bit Analog I/O System
AD7669 - LC2MOS Complete, 8-Bit Analog I/O System
AD7769 - LC2MOS Analog I/O Port
AD7868 - LC2MOS Complete, 12-Bit Analog I/O System
AD7869 - LC2MOS 14-Bit Analog I/O System
AD976 - 16-Bit, 100 kSPS, Parallel I/O A/D Converter
LTC1094 - 10-Bit Serial I/O ADC w/8CH MUX
LTC1096 - Micropower Sampling 8-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converters
LTC1291 - 12-Bit Serial I/O 2/Ch Input ADC
LTC2757 - 18-Bit SoftSpan IOUT DAC with Parallel I/O