Liquid Controls Group; a Unit of IDEX Corporation Datasheets for Frequency Converters and Translators

Frequency converters and translators scale and/or filter frequency inputs to produce outputs signals with frequencies that are a function of the inputs.
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Product Name Notes
3-Wire Analog Transmitter -- SP711-3 A meter-mounted 3-wire Analog Transmitter designed to linearly convert a frequency input to an equivalent voltage output whose level is switch selectable @ 0-5V/ 0-10V.
Cryogenic System Register -- Sponsler T675 Dual microprocessors, 10 point linearization, user-friendly menu-driven programming, temperature compensation, complete audit trail, complete system alarm display, and versatile mounting configurations.
Loop Powered Modulated Carrier -- SP720-2
Loop Powered Transmitter -- SP712-2
Modulated Carrier Amplifier -- SP717
Modulated Carrier Analog Transmitter -- SP718
Pulse Amplifier -- SP714
Output is proportional to flow, short circuit protection, explosion proof enclosure, mounted directly to meter, sensitivity field adjustable, and low cost.