SPECTEC Datasheets for Signal Converters

Signal converters contain inputs for one type of signal and outputs of another. Features can also include filtering and amplification or attenuation.
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Product Name Notes
RF Signal Converter -- Model 4016 Can be configured as a frequency to current or frequency to voltage
RF Speed Transducer Signal Conditioner -- Model 4016 Excellent preamps for use with RF speed transducers
FTC/FTV Signal Converter -- Model 4028 Field selectable inputs to fit high or low frequency applications
FTC/FTV Signal Converter -- Model 4027 Field selectable low or high frequency input configurations
Digital Scaler -- Model 4070 Frequency divider signal converter that conditions and scales output
Flow Switch Signal Converter -- Model 4051 Two versions are available to meet low speed or high speed applications
FTC/FTV Signal Converter -- Model 4026 Very versatile with field selectable inputs and outputs