Monitor Technologies LLC Datasheets for Dry Material (Powders) Level Switches

Dry material (powders) level switches are used to measure levels of dry, solid materials via an electrical switching action.
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Product Name Notes
RF Capacitance - MK2E -- 11-8411-211
RF Capacitance - MK2E -- 11-8413-211
Designed to provide high performance and reliability with a lower cost
Diaphragm Switch -- 7-8100 (G)
Diaphragm Switch -- 7-8104
Diaphragm Switch -- 7-8156
Economical point level detection in bins and hoppers
Tilt Switch -- 4-3103/TC-1 Low cost, high level detection, no calibration, minimal maintenance
Fail-Safe Rotary Paddle -- 1-8511-1
Fail-Safe Rotary Paddle -- 1-8511-2
Reliable magnetic technology, motor shuts off when paddle is impeded
RF Capacitance - MK2 -- 11-8511-211
RF Capacitance - MK2 -- 11-8513-211
Suitable for dry solids, wet solids, liquids, viscous liquids, and slurries
Rotary Paddle Bin Monitor -- 1-8301-1
Rotary Paddle Bin Monitor -- 1-8302-1
Rotary Paddle Bin Monitor -- 1-8401-1
Twist on/off cover, motor shuts off when paddle is impeded