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These motors have an offset multi-ratio plastic gearbox fitted. They are available in two formats, either assembled or unassembled. The assembled is supplied in a final ratio of 4096:1. The unassembled are supplied with 4:1 ratio pinion gears which can be assembled to produce ratios from 4:1 to 4096:1, depending on how many gears are fitted. The final output speed is determined by the motor supply voltage.
Output Speed = 4 - 3825 rpm
Supply Voltage = 3 V, 1.5 - 3 V dc
Maximum Output Torque = 50 gcm
DC Motor Type = Brushed
Shaft Diameter = 2mm
Power Rating = 2.51 W
Gearhead Type = Spur
Length = 52mm
Width = 110mm
Current Rating = 260 mA

Product Category
Motor Type
DC Motor
DC Voltage Range
1.5 to 3.0 VDC
Performance Specifications
Output Power
0.0034 HP
Continuous Current
0.2600 amps

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