Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Keylock Switches

Keylock switches are activated by a key that is turned in a circle and can stop in a range of positions.
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Product Name Notes
12 mm miniature size. Stainless steel facing standard. Quick connect and wire lead terminal styles. Rating: 4 A at 125 VAC; 2 A at 250 VAC. T65, class 1, (VDE);
The 30 mm Offering for Difficult Environments Dedicated to applications of heavy industry and infrastructure, the 30 mm offer guarantees you long-term reliability — thanks to the high quality and...
Surface-mounting tactile switch for high-density packaging. Dust-sealed construction provides high reliability in locations exposed to dust.
Through-hole mount tactile switch is ideal for high-density mounting, each incorporating a snap-action contact mechanism that ensures sharp switching operations.
22 mm Black Color Selector Switch Black color The 22 mm selector switch with non illuminated metal operator.
30 mm Key, 2500 VAC Dielectric Strength IP 68 degree of protection Double break, self wiping contact operation.
AML27 Series Electronic Control Keylock, DPDT Contact 2 or 3 positions, maintained, (90° throw) and momentary action, (60° throw) 5-bit key combinations UL Recognized, CSA Certified Static discharge protection Typical...
C&K Y Series 4, 5 & 6 Tumbler Switchlocks, Silver Contact Material Anti-static switch - exceeds 20 KVDC static resistance The dielectric rating is 1000 V (RMS) (Min.).
High Security Keylocks, Contact Rating 3 A @ 250 VAC, Contact Resistance 20 Milliohms (Max.) Epoxy sealed terminals prevent entry of flux and other contaminatints Interior construction provides seal for...
High Security Keylocks, Contact Rating 3 A, Solder Lug Termination, Contact Resistance 20 Milliohms Epoxy sealed terminals prevent entry of flux and other contaminants Interior construction provides seal for contact...
Key Operated Selector Switch UL Listed, CSA Certified, VDE Approvals 22 mm key operated selector switch.
Key Operated Selector Switch XB4 22 mm push buttons, selector switches and pilot lights with metal bezel are designed for industrial applications and to combine ease of installation and robustness.
Key Switch, Sealed, 100mA, Gull Wing, SMD, 4mm SQ
Key Switches for Security, Silver Contact Material Zinc alloy material The contact material is silver.
Key-Type Selector Switch, Panel Mounting, 100 Megohms Resistance Insulation Complete line of illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, key-type selector switches, E-Stop switches, buzzers and accessories. Available through...
Keyboard Switch, 12 VAC⁄DC (Max.) Voltage Rating, 100 MOhms @ 100 V Insulation Resistance Electrical Specifications. Contact Rating: 10 mA max. Voltage: 12 V max. AC/DC Current: 10 mA max.
Keylock rotary switch, 2 position
Keylock switch actuator 2 positions
Keylock Switch with Metal Front Ring The new RAFIX 22QR control components range meets all of the technical requirements and current standards for control gear. With a lowest profile this...
Low Profile Key Switches, 10^9 Ohms (Min.) Insulation Resistance High reliability switch — single pole and two pole models. Ratings from low-level to 4 A @ 125 VAC. One-piece switch...
Medium Security Key Switch, SPST Contact Silver contact material Medium security key switch with silver contact material.
Operator;16MM;Keylock;RD;1 or 2 Pole; 2Position Maintained;Industrial
Operator;16MM;Keylock;RD;3 or 4 Pole; 2Position Maintained;Industrial
Selector Switch, Solder Termination, Panel Mount, DPDT Function Complete line of illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, key-type selector switches, E-Stop switches, buzzers and accessories. Available through your...
Solder Termination 50 Ohms (Max.) Miniature Key Switch General Specifications. Contact Ratings: DPDT, snap action. Max. Carry Current: 5 A. Max. Insulation Voltage: 250 VAC/VDC. Operational (Breaking) Currents: AC (inductive...
Switch with Number of Positions 2 Easy to assemble Transformer or full voltage Slow make double break self cleaning contacts Complete with finger-safe contact blocks offering IP20 protection.
Switch, 2 Position Key
Switch, Key, 2 Position, Interchangeable Bezel, Off-On
Switch, Key, 2 Position, Screw Terminals, Off-On
Switch, Key, 3 Pos, Screw Term, Key Removable in Off Pos, Off-On-Start
Switch, Keylock Rotary, DPDT, Positions3
Switch, Keylock, 1 Pole, Maintained, Snap Action
Switch, Keylock, 1 Pole, Snap Action, Round, 250 VAC, 5 Amps, Maintained
Switch, Keylock, 2 Pole, Two Position, Anti-Static
Switch, Keylock, 3 Pos, Maintained, Raised, 22.5mm Mounting, Key Out C and B
Switch, Keylock; Miniature; SPST; 250VAC; 2A; Keypull POS 1; Quick Connect
Switch, L6 Key - RR Round, 2 Position Spring, RT DP
Switch, Spring Key, 3 position, TW
Switch, Three Position Keylock, Round, Includes Contact Block
Switch,2 Position,1NO-1NC,Maintained,Key Switch
Switch,Keylock,Miniature,Low Security,On-None-on,1 and 3 Key Removable Position
Switch,Keylock,Miniature,Low Security,On-None-On,1 Positon Key Removable
Switch,Keylock,Miniature,Low Security,On-Off-On,2 Key Removable Position
Switch,Keylock,Miniature,Low Security,On-Off-On;1,2,3 Key Removable Position
Switch,Miniature,Keylock,2 Position,90 Degrees,Key retained right position only
Switch; Key Swch,2mm 2 Pstns 1NO-0NC Cntct Key remv all psts Fger Safe Scrw Term
Switch; Keylock; Flush Mount; 2 Position
Switch; Miniature Key Operated; Safety;1NC/1NO Direct Opening; Slow Action
The 10250T 30.5 mm pushbutton line features a zinc die cast construction with chrome-plated housing and mounting nut. The same durable construction is also available with the corrosive resistant E34...
Y Series Switchlocks, 4 A @ 125 VAC⁄ 28 VDC Current Rating, Solder lug with hole Termination Contact Rating: 4 A at 125 VAC or 28 VDC; 2 A at...