RSF Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Linear Position Sensors

Linear position sensors is a general search form for all linear position / displacement detection product areas.
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Product Name Notes
KIT L Compact highly integrated design, extremely flat design, high resolution
MS 40 Series Contamination resistance, high traversing speed, single field scanning
MS 30 Series Easy mounting, high traversing speed, insensitivity to contamination
MSA 170 Series Extremely small cross section, one or multiple reference markers
LIK 21
LIK 22
LIK 23
Extremely small dimensions of scanning head, insensitivity to contamination
LIA 20
LIA 21
LIA 22
High path resolution, compact size, tape encoders, high accelerations
MS 80 Series Interferential linear encoder, for high velocity
MSA 370 Series
MSA 371 Series
MSA 372 Series
MSA 374
Large cross section, enclosed version, rigid mounting
MSA 350 Series
MSA 352 Series
Large cross section, roller bearing dual guided scanning carriage
LIK 41 Miniature size read head for smallest applications
MSA 680 Series Optimized thermal performance, small cross section, enclosed version
MS 20 Series Optional 40 micro grating available, glass or steel taped scale
MSA 390 Series
MSA 391 Series
Selectable reference mark, roller bearing dual guided scanning carriage
MSA 650 Series Small cross section, distance coded reference marks
MSA 671 Series Small cross section, enclosed version, roller bearing
MSA 690 Series
MSA 691 Series
Small cross section, free positionable switching magnets
MSA 670 Series Small cross section, roller bearing dual guided scanning carriage
MSA 651 Series Small cross section, scanning unit guided on the glass scale
TDE 60.04
TDE 60.14
TDE 60.44
TDE 60.54
TDE 60.64
TDE 60.74
TDE 60.84
TDE 60.94
Two dimensional encoder, non contact, reflective scanning
MSA 672 Series Two sets of sealing lips, small cross section, roller bearing