PC/104 Modules from Aaeon Systems Inc.

PC/104 Board Dual CAN Bus Module -- PFM-C20N

PC/104 Board Dual CAN Bus Module -- PFM-C20N -- View Larger Image
PC/104 Board Dual CAN Bus Module -- PFM-C20N-Image

The PFM-C20N sells with the option to have either PC/104 or PCI-104 expansion interfaces and uses the NXP Semiconductor SJA 1000 chipset for CAN2.0 support with speeds of up to 1MBps. The PFM-C20N includes options for setting the IRQ's for CAN buses as well as setting the PCI clock and for the setup of a Terminating Resistor. In addition to either PC/104 or PCI-104 connectors, the PFM-C20N has one CAN Bus connector and one CPLD JTAG connector. With operating system support of Windows XP and Linux, the PFM-C20N was designed to exploit the benefits of expansion present in AAEON's Subcompact and peripheral boards to be used in industrial, media and medical applications.



  • SJA1000 Based CAN Interface Module
  • CAN2.0 Compatible up to 1 MBps
  • Onboard Switch Selectable CAN Termination
  • Supports Windows® XP and Linux
  • PC/104 or PCI-104 Interface
  • Isolating Voltage up to 1600VDC