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Gepco RGB250 25AWG 3 Channel RGB Mini Video Coax -- GEPRGB250

Gepco RGB250 25AWG 3 Channel RGB Mini Video Coax -- GEPRGB250 -- View Larger Image
Gepco RGB250 25AWG 3 Channel RGB Mini Video Coax -- GEPRGB250-Image

Miniature RGB coax snake that utilizes precision low-loss VDM250 type miniature coax. Twenty-five gage conductor with high velocity foam dielectric yields a1GHz bandwidth and exceptionally low-attenuation for its size. The tight-angle 95% braid and 100% nonbonded foil shield are easy to terminate and achieve exceptional broadband noise rejection. New Riser Gep-Flex master jacket is flexible, durable, and UL rated allowing for use in permanent installation or portable applications. Ideal for component analog, multi-channel analog, or multi-channel standard definition digital video interconnect.
Features & Benefits

  • Thin Profile, Extra-flexible
  • Low Attenuation & Return Loss
  • Precision 75-ohm Impedance
  • 1GHz Bandwidth
  • High Velocity of Propagation - 82%
  • Capacitance: 16.5 pF/ft.
  • Conductor DCR: 30.0 ohms/1000'
  • Attenuation: 4.61 dB/100' at 135 MHz
  • Gas-injected Foam Polyethylene Dielectric
  • Full 95% Copper Braid and 100% Foil Shield
  • New Easy-to-strip, More Flexible PVC Coax Jackets
  • All-weather GEP-FLEX Master Jacket
  • CMR Riser Rated
  • Standard Definition Serial Digital Video
  • Digital Audio (AES3id or SPDIF)
  • High Resolution RGB Component Analog Video
  • Studio Interconnect, Portable Snakes, or Permanent Installation
    3 CHANNE