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A range of Micro-MaTch IDC ribbon cable assemblies for use in wire to board interconnections. These Micro-MaTch ribbon cable assembles are terminated both ends with a Male-on-Wire Micro-MaTch connector. The Micro-MaTch range of connectors have a compact, space saving design with a 1.27mm pitch. The IDC contacts have a contact spring system that prevents fretting corrosion. A positioning spring on the female contact absorbs movement between the male and female contacts caused by vibration and thermal expansion. Prevention of movement on the contact spot enables a gas tight connection to be made which makes the contact spring system fretting resistant. The contacts are fully protected by red polyester housings. These Micro-MaTch IDC ribbon cable assemblies are available with 200 mm, 150 mm and 70 mm cable lengths.
Cable Length = 150.5mm
Cable Type = Flat Ribbon Cable
Connector 1 Type = Micro-Match MOW
Connector 2 Type = Micro-Match MOW
Connector 1 Housing Gender = Female
Connector 1 Terminal/Contact Gender = Male
Connector 2 Housing Gender = Female
Connector 2 Terminal/Contact Gender = Male
Connector 1 Number of Ways = 20
Connector 2 Number of Ways = 20

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