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Q-sep™ 3000 Centrifuge

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  • Meets or exceeds requirements of Original Unbuffered, AOAC, and European QuEChERS methodology.
  • Supports 50 mL, 15 mL, and 2 mL centrifuge tubes.
  • Small footprint requires less bench space.
  • Safe and reliable—UL, CSA, and CE approved, 1-year warranty.

Priced to fit your laboratory's budget, the Q-sep™ 3000 Centrifuge is the first centrifuge specifically designed for QuEChERS methodology. This compact, quiet, yet powerful, unit spins at the 3,000 g force required by the European method.
Centrifuge includes 50 mL tube carriers (6), 50 mL conical tube inserts (6), 4-place 15 mL tube carriers (6), and 2 mL tube adaptors (24).

Motor Speed and Force Rating: 4,130 rpm, 3,000 xg
Maximum Capacity with 6-Place Horizontal Rotor: 6 x 50mL tubes, 18 x 15mL tubes, 24 x 2mL tubes
Motor: 1/2 H.P. brushless DC
Nominal Acceleration Time: 45 seconds
Nominal Braking Time: 60 seconds
Timer (electronic): 1 to 30 minutes +/-1%
Requirement: 2.0 or 1.0 amps
Current Voltage Requirement: 115 or 230 (+/-10%) volts
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Centrifuge Protection Breaker: 4 amp resettable
Overall Dimensions: 9″h x 14.5″w x 17″d (22.9cm x 36.8cm x 43.2cm)
Weight: 39 lbs (17.7kg)

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