Hettich Instruments, LP Datasheets for Laboratory Centrifuges

Laboratory centrifuges are used to separate particles from a solution according to their size, shape, density, and viscosity of the medium and rotor speed.
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Product Name Notes
Hettich Hematocrit 210
Benchtop Centrifuge
Hematocrit determination with standard capillaries is carried out with 24-place rotor no. 2076. Each capillary is secured within its own chamber and supported by a holding tray. This holding tray...
Hettich Rotofix 46
Benchtop Centrifuge

Rotofix 46H (Heated) Benchtop Centrifuge
Introducing the Hettich Rotofix 46 benchtop centrifuge a cost effective solution for standard and specialty applications. The Rotofix 46 tabletop centrifuge holds a maximum capacity of 290mL and is available...
Hettich Manual
Benchtop Centrifuge
Light weight, portable and manually powered this centrifuge is ideal for field work or remote areas. Simply clamp the centrifuge to a bench, tail gate or just about any solid...
Hettich EBA 20
Benchtop Centrifuge
The Hettich EBA 20 is ideal for a small quantity of samples and laboratories with limited bench space. The compact, microprocessor-controlled centrifuge is supplied with an 8-place angle rotor. It...
Hettich EBA 20S
Benchtop Centrifuge
The Hettich EBA 20S is a high-speed benchtop clinical centrifuge offering a 3 minute spin for STAT, Platelet Poor Plasma & Coagulation samples. The EBA 20S comes standard with a...
Hettich EBA 21
Benchtop Centrifuge
The Hettich EBA 21 comes standard with a solid metal housing and lid lock for extra protection to ensure durability and user safety. Wide variety of swing-out and fixed angle...
Hettich EBA 270
Tabletop Centrifuge
The Hettich EBA 270 is a compact tabletop centrifuge for the clinical laboratory. The centrifuge comes pre-packaged with a built-in 90° horizontal rotor for blood & round bottom tubes up...
Hettich Mikro 200
Benchtop Centrifuge
The Hettich Mikro 200 & Mikro 200R microliter centrifuges perform research centrifugation tasks such as PCR, DNA & RNA easily and effectively. The Fast Cool Function refrigerates quickly: down to...
Hettich Mikro 220
Benchtop Centrifuge

MIKRO 200R Microliter Centrifuge
The Hettich Mikro 220 & Mikro 220R are advanced microcentrifuges requiring very little bench space for such diverse tabletop centrifuges. The Mikro 220 is ideal for microliter tubes required for...
Hettich Rotanta 460 RSC
Robotic Centrifuge

Rotanta 460 R Benchtop Centrifuge
Rotanta 460 RC (under bench)
Rotanta 460 RF (floor standing)
The Hettich Rotanta 460 RSC Robotic is an automated centrifuge that comes standard with an automated sliding front or rear hatch for robotic access through the lid. The unit is...
Hettich Roto Silenta 630RS Floor Standing Centrifuge The Hettich Roto Silenta 630RS offers quiet and smooth operation designed for high throughput in the blood bank. The Roto Silenta has a non-wind shielded rotor for best sample temperature...
Hettich Rotofix 32A
Benchtop Centrifuge
The Hettich Rotofix 32A is a rugged general purpose benchtop centrifuge ideal for routine laboratory tasks whether you need a clinical centrifuge, research centrifuge, medical centrifuge or industrial centrifuge. A...
Hettich Universal 320
Benchtop Centrifuge

UNIVERSAL 320 R Benchtop Centrifuge
Available in non-refrigerated (320) and refrigerated (320R) versions Specialty applications available, Cytology up to 12 slide carriers, microtiter and deep well plates Noise dampening technology Push button open and close...
Hettich Rotina 380
Benchtop Centrifuge

Rotina 380R Benchtop Centrifuge
Available in non-refrigerated (380) and refrigerated (380R) versions Specialty applications such as: Cytology, microtiter and deep well plates and bottles up to 290 mL Certified bio-containment lids available 98 user-defined...
Hettich Rotina 420
Benchtop Centrifuge

Rotina 420R Benchtop Centrifuge
Available in non-refrigerated (420) and refrigerated (420R) versions Noise dampening technology Self diagnostic testing 98 user defined programs One multi-functional rotor for spinning tubes, bottles and plates The Hettich Rotina...
Hettich Rotanta 460
Benchtop Centrifuge

MIKRO 220R Microliter Centrifuge
Available in non-refrigerated (460) and refrigerated (460R) versions 89 user defined programs Blood bags Cytology High speed plate rotor (6,446 RCF) Chrome bath and Schlenk tubes Special braking ramp for...
Hettich Rotixa 50S Floor
Standing Centrifuge

ROTIXA 50RS Bood Bag Centrifuge
Available in non-refrigerated (50S) and refrigerated (50RS) versions 4 x 1,000 mL – 92 x 15 mL Conical tubes 120 Blood tubes 4 x 500 mL Blood bags Best for...