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Cleaning in Place Nozzle

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  • Permanently mounted
  • Fully retractable
  • Air to open
  • Air to close
  • Easily automated
  • Available in short or long designs
  • Constructed of tough material
  • Takes up to 80 psig liquid pressure
  • Wide angle spray


  • Eliminates installing and removing before and after cleaning
  • Does not interfere with process
  • Assures proper position of nozzle
  • Easily adaptable to PLC controls
  • For uninsulated and insulated vessels
  • Resistant to strong CIP solutions
  • Easy to integrate into CIP system
  • Assures complete cleaning
  • Visual nozzle position indicator

The Niro CIP nozzle valve features a retractable design. When the nozzle is not in use, the inside of the nozzle head is flush with inner wall of the vessel to ensure that there is no process disturbance and to eliminate product entrapment. In the retracted position, up to 80 psig liquid pressure can be supplied to the nozzle without leaking.

During CIP, cleaning fluid is pumped to the nozzle and the air to open positioner forces the nozzle from its retracted position to the CIP position. Now ready for action, the nozzle is rotated by liquid pressure and sprays cleaning fluids over the entire surface area. The operation liquid pressure can be as low as 20 psig and up to 80 psig. The rigorous rotation of the nozzle and the wide spray angle ensures all areas of the cleaning surface are thoroughly cleaned.

When the CIP operation is complete, the air to close positioner forces the nozzle back to a retracted position. The nozzle can be designed for thin wall (uninsulated) or thick wall (insulated) vessels.