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Xtreme Duty Stainless Steel Hand Nozzle -- DM-800HFR/L6 Series

Xtreme Duty Stainless Steel Hand Nozzle -- DM-800HFR/L6 Series -- View Larger Image
Xtreme Duty Stainless Steel Hand Nozzle -- DM-800HFR/L6 Series-Image

Model DM-800HFR/L6 Series, 316 SS & Teflon
for Dispensing almost any Liquid, Acid, Solvent or Chemical

Benefits and Applications…
Designed for extreme duty applications, the DM-800HFR/L6 Series dispensing nozzle is used for dispensing most food & beverage liquids, medical, bio-science, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and laboratory chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, and other sanitary, corrosive or hazardous materials. All wetted parts are made from 316 stainless steel and Teflon, enabling this nozzle to handle the broadest range of dispensing applications, providing careful fluid control for better operator protection and environmental safety.

With careful use it will help prevent spillage during critical liquid transfer or loading operations. It is also a great tool for general repacking of bulk liquids into smaller containers. DM-800HFR/L6 nozzles have heavy wall construction for extra strength and durability. It ensures longevity and tolerance for the most demanding industrial supply operations. The nozzle simplifies liquid filling at the most basic level and furnishes excellent pressure dispensing from all kinds of pumps and works well in gravity feed applications from day-tanks, totes, drums, vats, reservoirs and other storage vessels. Both hose-barb and direct threaded connections available.